10 great Father’s Day gifts for adventure racers!

It’s not like adventure racers need an excuse to buy themselves more gear. Between the constant new releases of great stuff, the inevitable breakdown of cherished equipment, and, frankly, losing lots of gear out on the trail, we’re always on the hunt for more stuff. But for those who aren’t die-hard racers, it can be totally overwhelming to buy for adventure racers. That’s where this handy list comes in. With Father’s Day right around the corner, there’s no better time to surprise your racer (or yourself!) with something they’re bound to love (and use!) Let us be your shortcut to Father’s Day gifting excellence!

look at all the stuff adventure racers need!
  1. Some seriously high-quality sunscreen. Adventure racers are exposed to the elements for hours and days on end, with rarely a spare minute to think about the long-term consequences of their efforts. This means they can get some nasty sunburn. Not with sunscreen like the Isdin Fusion Gel Fotoprotector. Pricey when compared to your drugstore Copperblock? Yeah. Worth it? Oh yeah.
  2. A reliable bike light. Nothing induces some panic on the race course like losing your only source of vision. This Fenix is trusted by some of the best in the sport.
  3. This handy hose attachment works wonders once you get back home from a race with gear that’s completely covered with crusted mud and who knows what else. Serious time saver for weary racers who just want to lie on the couch but know they need to take care of their gear first.
  4. A durable and flexible bike stand. Yes, I’ll admit there are cheaper versions. But none of them have 123 5-star reviews. Bike shops around the world trust the Feedback Sports bike stand. With this, you can easily conduct just about every necessary maintenance action on your bike without having to constantly re-arrange the bike while having to fight for space or dealing with the bike flopping all over the place.
  5. Some serious protection for the legs. Adventure racers have to constantly trek through the woods off trail (this is called bushwacking) and let me tell you, it can be very hazardous to our legs. Thorns, nettles, sticks, rocks, and all sorts of random things that can inflict some pain will happen. In comes the Moxie shin guards with their solution. Similar to soccer shin guards but made for bushwacking, lots of teams trust the Moxie shin guards to protect their legs during long races.
  6. A lightweight bike pump. This little guy fits both types of bike tires, weighs practically nothing, and is super cheap.
  7. A thumb compass. Every adventure race requires orienteering, and this compass is one of the most popular due to its weight and comfort. It can’t guarantee you won’t get lost, but it will help as much as it can!
  8. Tailwind Electrolyte Powder. This is a personal favorite of mine and you’ll almost never find me out on the trails without it. Tailwind powder is “liquid calories”, allowing a racer to dump a scoop of powder into their water bottles and drink their food. I’m a huge fan because I hate carrying around lots of bars and gels in my pockets, and can instead just slowly hydrate myself and feed myself simultaneously. Specially formulated for endurance activities, Tailwind’s nutritional content helps prevent cramping, muscles soreness, and keeps racers competitive for hours and hour. A must-have for any adventure racer. 
  9. A kickass adventure race shirt. Okay, full disclosure. Shameless self-promotion here, but if you want to get your adventure racer something unique and not just another piece of gear (not that they don’t love their gear), head over to AdventureRaceHub.com’s shop, where you can check out the unique apparel my wife and I have created for the adventure racing community. You may have noticed that many adventure racing shirts are junky quality, with poorly printed logos and ill-fitting. Not our stuff. Trust me, they’ll love it, and if they don’t, I’ll send you a refund!
  10. Okay, these are pricey for some bike shorts, I get it. But do the math. If you’re doing a 12-hour adventure race wearing these shorts, that’s about $10/hour. If you do 2 12-hour races, that’s $5/hour. When it comes to providing the support and protection needed for our most…ahem…valuable locations…it’s worth spending a bit more money. These shorts provide are made for triathlons, so they’ve got built-in chamois lining for riding the bike, as well as performance enhancing compression.

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