2016 Adventure Racing Calendar Analysis

Here are some interesting data points for the 2016 Adventure Race season:

  • 129 races take place this year (not double counting races that have multiple lengths but occur the same location/day)
  • June 18th is the most popular day of the year to conduct an adventure race – 7 separate races occur this year on that date.
  • June 30th marks the half-way point of the season.
  • May is the most popular month for ARs, with 24 taking place throughout the month
  • Despite being the middle of summer, July is very unpopular for ARs – only 6 occur. Maybe somebody should look at moving their race from May to July?
  • September is a close second place, with 20 races. Maybe because the kids are back in school?

Interesting stuff, right? Would you like more adventure race data in future newsletters? I love digging into these sorts of trends, but only want to provide content of value to my fellow racers. Let me know your thoughts!