What is Adventure Race Hub?

It’s the best* website in the world for adventure racing. Love adventure racing like we do? Then welcome home. No idea what adventure racing is? Then read below. 

ARHub is the passion project of some people who really like our weird and crazy little sport and want to help the sport grow however they can. ARHub serves as an accelerator to the sport in every possible fashion, from spreading best practices, collecting and analyzing data for trends and insights, generating new ideas, and helping reduce the frictions involved in the sport any way we can. Read more about our mission and ARHub’s “virtuous cycle” here.

What’s Adventure Racing?

A – Pretty much the greatest thing ever, excluding West Coast IPAs, dogs, and Arrested Development. Adventure Racing is an endurance sport where individuals and teams race to complete a course in a set amount of time. Most races are relatively long compared to other endurance sports, with typical races going anywhere from 6 to 36 hours, and some even a full week long! While no two are the same, adventure races meet the following requirements:

1) Multi-sport. Mountain bikes and trail running are almost always featured, as well as canoeing/kayaking/rafting. Sometimes you see obstacle courses, rock climbing, rappelling, fitness tests, and anything else the race directors can think of. One time I paddled to an island, shot a bow and arrows at some hay barrels, then continued paddling. Weird and cool stuff like that happens all the time.

2) Timed. Races are usually run with cut-off times. Sometimes it’s just a race to the finish line.

3) Orienteering. To be an adventure race, you need to orienteer – map and compass stuff. Otherwise, it’s just an off-road triathlon (which are also super fun, but not an adventure race.)

Here’s a fantastic video put together by the Adventure Racing World Series (yes, that’s a thing!) that really helps visualize the sport. Important disclaimer – The video focuses on “expedition” length races, which typically last around a week. Don’t panic! There are tons of short races near you can find on our calendar that last only a few hours.

Q – What’s the site all about?

A – Helping to build the adventure race community however we can. We’re a diverse bunch of weekend warriors who enjoy nothing more than spending time in the great outdoors (and maybe a bit of fierce competition.) I want this site to become the hub through which all members of the sport, from beginners who aren’t sure what the hell the signed up for, to pros who are looking for the latest tricks to improve performance, to the race directors who need new methods to improve race attendance so they can keep growing the sport.

Q – Who are you?

A – Oh yeah, probably should have started with an introduction. My name is Cy, and I’m an avid adventure racer. Note that I said avid, not good. My first adventure race was at Bear Mountain, NY in 2006. Since then, I’ve raced all across the US, from the swamps of Georgia to the Puget Sound of Washington. I started adventureracehub.com because I wanted to help grow the sport.

yours truly, enjoying post-race refreshement
yours truly, enjoying post-race refreshement

Q – What kind of bear is best?

A – False. Black bear.


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