The Mountain Always Wins (Women’s)

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As any seasoned adventure racer will tell you, the mountains emit a siren song, ever pulling us towards them. John Muir said it best – “The mountains are calling, and I must go.” And we adventure racers always answer the call. You assault the hills, spending your sweat and blood in an effort to go faster and farther than anyone else, but the mountain remains unimpressed and unchanged. Because no matter how great of a racer you are, the mountain ALWAYS wins. The only question is how long can you go before you admit defeat?

In honor of ARHub’s 1 year anniversary, we created a special shirt to commemorate both the site’s success and to express our restless, unquenchable thirst to fight the mountain. Let this shirt act as reminder to yourself and those who heed it’s warning – The Mountain ALWAYS Wins.

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