Looking for fellow adventure racers to swap stories, discover new tricks of the trade, or unearth long-forgotten race results? Here are the favorite watering holes:

Facebook AR Group

Attack Point

Pretty much every questions that has been asked can be found on the two sites above. Below, you’ll find lots of specific links that address important “pain points” adventure racers and race directors tend to experience.

Custom Maps

Cory Sytsma of Krank Adventure Races is quite a savant when it comes to combining the best of existing imagery with customized rendering. Contact him here for help:

and look at examples of his work here

Race Marketing

Mark VanTongeren has established himself as the Chief Marketing Officer for Adventure Racing in North America. With a background in marketing, he knows a few things about getting the word out about a race in order to increase turnout. You can reach him at

How to Promote Your Race to Thousands for Free

Great Community Discussion on Marketing Part 1

Great Community Discussion on Marketing Part 2

Strategies for Growing Your Adventure Race

Graphics and Marketing Material

Like any of the stuff you’ve seen at Adventure Race Hub and want some of your own? We offer limited, case-by-case support to Race Directors, teams, and companies for logos, merchandise, market outreach/advertising, and media engagement.  So if you’re sick of your race’s logo you made in 5 minutes with clip art 10 years ago, or want help engaging new markets, contact for more.

Your Next Race

I’ve heard about a pretty cool website that lists every AR in North America…