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The Genesis 6 Hour Adventure Race


April 15, 2017
10:00 - 16:00
Event Category:


Littleton, CO United States


Race Length #1
Race Length #3
Bike, Run, Obstacles/Challenges
Easy (Beginner-friendly)

April 15, 2017 @ 10:00 - 16:00

Get your start in adventure racing here.

The perfect race for beginners and a fun race for everyone


The Genesis Race will be located at Chatfield State Park in Littleton, Colorado and is aimed specifically at getting new racers into the sport of adventure racing. The focus is to encourage the development of team cohesion and problem solving; pushing each team to develop their own strategic attack plan to the race course. The course will also have a lot to chew on for experienced racers and every level in between, and will be a terrific way to sharpen your skills for the upcoming race season. Racers will be biking, hiking and boating through adventurous terrain as they problem solve their way to the finish in attempt to out-smart their competitors. Read more details about the Genesis Adventure Race below.

Race Details: 

Location: Littleton, Colorado
Chatfield State Park

Race Length: The maximum race length is a 6 hour time cut-off.

Team Size: 2, 3 or 4 person teams
Coed or Open

Award Categories:
1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Coed Teams
1st Place Team with a beginner on their team


Mandatory Gear List

Boat Requirement and Rental Information

Race Day Schedule

General Race Format

Special Challenges


Teams will want to be mentally sharp with good problem solving and team skills. These special challenges will be located throughout the race and will remain a secret until you get to that point in the race. You won’t need any additional gear other than the gear listed on the race’s mandatory gear list. Teams with superior problem-solving skills and teamwork can get the edge on their opponents here. Good luck! Stay sharp!

Trekking: 3-5 Miles


Trekking includes jogging, walking, running, crawling, skipping, river crossing, scrambling….whatever you and your team decide you have to do to get from point A to point B, and C, D, E…. You choose your route and use a map and compass to get there faster and more efficiently than your opponents. Stay sharp!

This race will involve on and off-trail trekking.

Boating: 3-5 Miles


Boating will be on flat water, so you won’t have to have any fancy boating skills. If you can put a paddle in the water and pull, you’ll be able to do it. You’ll still need to use your map for this section to find your checkpoints, so again stay sharp!  Noticing a theme, yet?

Biking: 10-25 Miles


No crazy technical bike skills required, but practicing is recommended. It will be on fun trails. You’ll also be using your map for this section…..sooooo…..Stay sharp!

Stay Sharp! Adventure Racing is the culmination of brains and brawn. The team with the SMARTEST race can win over the FASTEST RACERS by successfully implementing the best strategy. Succeed in staying sharp and YOU can become the VICTOR!

Organized by: My Journey Racing

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