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Palmetto Swamp Fox Adventure Race

Designed to cover approximately 55-60 miles, with a finishing time between 10-12 hours, Solo racers and teams of two, three and four members will face some of the most challenging obstacles that nature has in this region. Racers will be required to plot UTM COORDINATES (orienteering) to locate check points while KAYAKING/PADDLING (8 miles), MOUNTAIN BIKING (30-45 miles), and TREKKING (10-15 Miles). The Swamp Fox course is lineal in nature but all points can be collected in any order within each element.

Frigid Infliction

The Frigid Infliction is a winter adventure race, sending fearless adventurers skiing and snowshoeing through the deep stuff since 2006.

The next race is scheduled for Saturday, March 2nd 2019 near Bolton Valley, VT. Expect a 10-hour challenge for teams of 2-3 racers. The race will feature several winter disciplines as well as requiring you to continually navigate. If you have never done an adventure race before, this can be a great choice. This was the first adventure race for about a third of the participants the past six years, so don’t be intimidated! That said: You may want to Test Your Nettle if you’re not sure about a 10-hour event.

Teams do not need support crews for this event. Outside of what is provided by the race organizers, teams must be self-sufficient. This is an adventure, after all!

Florida Sea to Sea

ARGEORGIA takes over the Florida Sea to Sea 3-Day Expedition Race this year, bringing racers through the best areas that Florida has to offer, with the start and finish being located in the oldest city in the US; St Augustine, Florida. The 19th Annual Sea to Sea Race is a non-stop expedition race where teams will load buses in St. Augustine, Florida and then be dropped off somewhere on the West Coast of Florida, only to return to St. Augustine by way of trekking, paddling and biking on their own power. Teams will be provided with a set of maps and instructions they will use to navigate to a series of Check Points or Flags on their way across Florida. The goal is to get as many Check Points as possible in the 72 hours and make it to the finish before the cut off on Sunday. Teams can chose to skip Check Points along the way to reduce the time spent in each section and help their team get to the finish line in time. There will be many (TAs) Transition Areas during the race where teams will transfer from one discipline to another as well as have the opportunity to refuel with food and water. Our job will be to move the team’s gear and bikes forward to the next TA for the start of the next discipline. Each section of the race will be between 6-15 hours and teams will pack their gear, food and water based on the information provided at the start of the race. Biking will be the most used discipline during the Sea to Sea race due to this being the fastest way to move teams to the finish.

This year’s route will feature the best mountain biking single track trails through Santos.  The best paddling in the spring-fed Silver and Ocklawaha Rivers.  The best trekking on the Florida Trail through the Ocala National Forest and the beautiful East Coast State Parks. There are many other great spots very few people get to see, however you will.

Teams will check-in on Wednesday, February 27th.  The race starts on Thursday, February 28th at 10am and the race cut-off is Sunday March 3rd at 11am with lunch at the finish, awards at noon. Official host hotel and check-in location coming soon.

Come down from up North and enjoy the warmer Florida weather with this race being a USARA National Qualifier and the chance to get your team huge early points for this series.


The 2019 CAULDRON Adventure Race returns to the Suwannee Ranch 505  in Jasper, Florida on Saturday Morning January 19th, 2019 for the 36 Hour Race and Sunday, January 20th for the 8 Hour Race. What a great way to start the year with a challenging race in the warmer Florida weather and USARA National Qualifier with the change to get your team huge early points for the series.

The Cauldron returns will be heading West this year with a new course arrangement and fantastic new locations like Twin Rivers State Park! This year’s Cauldron has been designed to showcase the beauty and epic wilderness along the banks of the Suwannee River.  With a strong focus on remoteness, self-sufficiency, and strategic decision making, the Cauldron aims to bring the flavor of an expedition into a weekend race.

The Cauldron will send racers through numerous distinct biological communities on foot, bike, and canoe. Significant sections of the race are on rarely used remote parcels yet to be seen in a public event. Racers can expect to traverse numerous limestone outcroppings, floodplain forest, floodplain swamp, river bluffs and alluvial streams. Racers will be visiting natural springs and sinks and may see Kingfisher, Rough-winged Swallow, jumping sturgeon and Doughterty Plain Cave Crayfish.

The Jersey Inferno 10 Hour Adventure Race

The Jersey Inferno is BACK! Two years in the making, we’re confident that you will find the 2018 edition to be the best JI course yet.

Participants will have 10 hours to work their way through some hellish North Jersey terrain on mountain bikes, kayaks and on foot. Solos and teams of 2, 3 or 4 are welcome and will be treated to a new course with great views.

Note: Since the race is in December this year, the paddle section will be optional. If you want to paddle, then we salute your adventurous spirit! Racers will be allowed to pack dry clothes and access these clothes immediately after the paddle section.

USARA Qualifying Race:

The Jersey Inferno is a USARA Regional Qualifier. We will be combining the co-ed 3-person and co-ed 4-person teams into the “premier” category. The top 3 co-ed teams in the “premier” category will be eligible to compete in the USARA National Championship Race in 2019. In addition, the 1st place co-ed team will receive a $400.00 sponsorship to be applied to the team’s entry fee for the 2019 USARA Adventure Race National Championship.

VenueIn keeping with NYARA tradition, the race venue will be announced shortly before the event. We can tell you that it will be held in a different location than all three previous editions.

Event Info:

Saturday December 1st, 2018

8:00 am-6:00pm

Race Course Highlights:

  • Linear/point-to-point format
  • Rogaine style course
  • Strategic route planning
  • Pre-plotted maps
  • Great mountain biking, paddling and hiking
  • Scenic and challenging terrain
  • Race UpdatesStay Tuned!

    Course Design and Race Director

    Eric Caravella


    Race Fees

    • $135 per person
    • 15% discount for NYARA members





Long Creek Adventure Race

The inaugural Long Creek Adventure Race puts teams of two or three, as well as solo participants, to the test during either the 4 or 8 hour adventure race format. With a map provided at the beginning of the race, participants will trail run, mountain bike, and paddle their way through a series of checkpoints as quickly as possible throughout the U.S. National Whitewater Center property and along the Catawba River. Keep an eye out for the checkpoints along the way…you’ll need every point you can get to come out on top.

Why we love the sport of Adventure Racing

Back in the beginning of the year, 913 folks submitted their thoughts to the 2018 AR census over a variety of subjects, from their favorite outdoor brands, how much time and money they spend traveling to races, they most frequent race lengths they do, and many more. One of the last questions of the census asked participants “what do they love about Adventure Racing?” Because the answer was a write-in, the responses had to be slowly reviewed by hand to try and group and classify them by themes. It quickly became apparent there was a significant commonality across the board. Bluntly said – we pretty much all love AR for the same reasons.

What were those themes? I did my best to classify them, using the following definitions:

  1. Adventure – Not surprising (since it’s in our sport’s name), but this theme is defined as enjoying doing something different than normal races/activities, exploring new places, going off-trail, etc. You know, not being boring
  2. Challenge – Getting pushed out of your comfort zone, both physically and mentally. Steep hills, fighting the sleep monster, trying to stay calm despite being lost at 3 AM, etc. Learning what you’re made of when all the armor is stripped away.
  3. Teamwork – The enjoyment of doing the sport with your friends/family. Camaraderie and shared suffering that creates unbreakable relationships (usually…)
  4. Navigation – The only sport-specific theme that repeatedly came up, some folks really love having to navigate around instead of following race markings. This could arguably get placed under the Adventure theme, but there were enough responses that it warranted its own theme.
  5. Complexity – The requirement to blend so many different things together to succeed at AR. Multiple sports, navigation, off-trail movement, competing against yourself, the field, the clock and the terrain all at the same time. 
  6. Outdoors – The sport gets us deep into the woods, covered in dirt, with lots of vitamin D (unless of course, it’s rainy, but some of us love that too).
  7. Uncategorized – Everything else that didn’t fit the above. Some folks love using the race as a reason to stay fit, as an escape from the drudgery of corporate America, etc.

Now granted, most folks didn’t say just one thing. A standard response was something like “The adventure, the navigation, going and doing things I otherwise wouldn’t, plus the camaraderie.” How exactly do you code a response like that? All of the above? That’s the bedeviling thing with our sport, it defies definition and for someone like myself, who needs a definition to measure things, this is troublesome. So I did my best to code each response to one of the above themes. Here’s how they ranked:

Theme# of Responses% of Total

As you can see, Challenge led the day by a country mile. The phrase “physical and mental challenge” showed up over and over in the responses. Clearly, adventure racers like the chess-like nature of our sport!

Because we all like pretty, pretty pictures, I decided to put all of the responses into a word cloud to isolate which individual words appeared the most often. Based off the above response evaluation, you can imagine which word dominated.

Challenge showed up so often, I actually had to reduce it’s weight, as it overpowered everything else by such a large margin that all the other words were nearly unreadable! 

Use this image as you see fit and be sure to incorporate these learnings as your market/advertise/preach about AR to others!

Word cloud answer to the question “what do you love about AR?”